An advocate native to Montana, I work within the LGBTQ community and homeless youth population. Ultimately a writer at heart, I hope to one day build up my life around my words while simultaneously using the opportunity to tear down other’s notions on what that life is. ‘Caught Under Glass’ is the first step along that path, composed of posts to make readers question what they’ve wrongly accepted as fact or to simply offer a thoughtful, entertaining commentary on situations or ideas rarely touched in our society.”

– Bentley Burdick

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‘Hamilton’ is Helping with the Mourning

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A couple of days ago I was taking a break from collecting responses for a piece I’m submitting to Huffington Post of collected statements from people all over the world talking about how the tragedy in Orlando has affected them … Read More

Orlando; My Personal Statement

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[Photo taken on June 11th, 2016 at Pride in Indianapolis. The first one the author ever attended, with his partner, Olivia Joy Locke pictured on the left. Disclaimer: all views and opinions expressed in this post are the writer’s personal … Read More

Hey, Neil Gaiman

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On my eighteenth birthday I had the privilege of sitting in with a small group of people at my local library to hear Neil Gaiman speak about and read a few excerpts of his work — there was about forty … Read More

Holiday Cheer

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When does the obligation to an idea give way to the room for reality? For a child that has experienced rejection or abandonment by their families, finding where you stand during holidays is daunting. Searching out cocoa fueled holiday  cheer … Read More